Beautiful Fresh of Teeth

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Net content :60ml

Effects: Clean mouth, fresh breath, maintaintooth gum health, remove toothstains,clean teeth.

Ingredients :

Pure water, sodium lauryl sarcosine,glycerin, Propylene glycol orange(CITRuS JuNos) fruit extract,xylitol,cicepidium chloride, EDTA disodium.

Flavor: Sweet orange fruit flavor

Shelf Life : 2 years

NOTE This product can not be swallowed, itis recommended that children under6 years of age should be used underthe guidance of adults.New way for cleaning teeth and dental care

1.Squeeze proper amount of foam into your mouth, balloon yourcheeks to make the foam flow over your oral cavity and gingiva;spit the foam out in 10-15 seconds and you will feel that yourmouth is refreshed instantly

  1. Squeeze proper amount of foam on your toothbrush. Gentlybrush your teeth and coated tongue for 2- 3 minutes forcleaning and refreshing
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