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High Life International is an online and offline network marketing organization based on the principle of mutual aid. It was born out of the need to financially train people around the world to contribute to the realization of their dreams.
The registration fee is a one-time payment of $ 10.
Anyone of legal age can join HIGHLIFE INTERNATIONAL It is open to members of the public who have attained the age of responsibility, and absolutely no religious barrier.
Your earning begins with the first person that you register by yourself or that falls under you by auto spillover through the activities of your uplines.
You are expected to register two (2) people under you directly.
I.e if i use my user ID (code) to register more people. The excess will go under your downlines who have not brought anyone or who have not brought up to 2 people
We accept physical cash deposits into our bank accounts or transfers.
Yes, you may, but we strongly recommend this only if you have the capacity to manage them or when you know that you can recruit for every account that you open so they don’t get stacked up as this may reduce your earning potentials. Also, you may not need to open multiple accounts as there are much money to earn from one account.
You will automatically be upgraded to the next level when you finish the current stage.